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Our mission is simple: To strengthen communities and unlock their potential through the production of inspiring and informative events.
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We are the conduit between the speakers and the audience, providing live sound and recording opportunities, PR distribution, full distribution lists, graphic design, venue rental, marketing and media contacts.
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Past Events

Marc Bachrach & Magician Shawn McMaster

Rickie Byars Beckwith

Robert Macphee

Vanda Mikoloski
& Debbie Kasper

Lynn Woodward

Dannion Brinkley

Dr. Joe Dispenza

World Peace Day Concert

Moving From Fear to Faith
Dr. Kathy Hearn

Marianne Williamson

Daniel Nahmod

Alchemical Fusion of
Sacred Sound


The Acorn Principle
Jim Cathcart, CSP,CPAE

Karen Drucker

Don Miguel Ruiz

Azim Khamisa

Marianne Williamson

Lindsay Wagner

Les Brown

Rickie Byars Beckwith & Michael Beckwith

James Van Praagh

Jack Canfield

Michael Beckwith &
Rickie Byers Beckwith

Jack Canfield

Marianne Williamson

the Warrior's Way

Dr. Judith Orloff

Terry Cole-Whitaker
live your bliss

Maria Nemeth
The Energy of Money
day long workshop

Quantum Physics for Metaphysicians
Paulette jones

Creating Balance
Kim Stanwood Terranova, ALSP
April 17 2010

Explore the Tarot
Lauren Z. Schneider, MA, MFT
March 27 2010

Writer's Workshop
Deborah Edler Brown
March 14 2010

New Year, New You
Patrick Feren & Rita Andriello
Jan.9 2010

Mythic Journeys
a film featuring Deepak Chopra, Sobonfu Some, Michael Meade, Michael Beckwith
Dec. 11 '09

Awakening the Heart
Sound Healing Workshop with
Pam Gerrand.

Dec. 06 '09

Couples Retreat
Dr. Jim Lockard
Dorianne Lockard

Nov. '09

A Men's Retreat
Dr. Jim Lockard
Oct. 17 '09

Maggie Mellor
A Traveler's Tale, Journey to Bhutan
Oct. 11'09

Mark Waldman
Mindful Eating
eight week course May,July '09

Rev. Nirvana Gayle
Alchemy of Abundance
May 31 '09

Dr. David Ault
Lather Rinse Repeat!
April 19 '09

Mark Waldman
Compassionate Communication
March 8 '09

Paulette Jones
A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures!
eight week course
Feb 21 '09

Mary Manin Morrissey
Mystery and Magic
Living an Amplified Life
Jan. 18 '09

Dr. Judith Orloff
How to Stay Positive in Uncertain Tmes?
one day workshop
July 17 '08


"Never in my life, either personally or professionally, have I met a more helpful team in coordinating a series of public events for me. Livetalks arranged for local newspaper interviews that brought hundreds of people to my lectures and workshops, and went far beyond the norm in promoting the public service events for the Westlake community. The Livetalks team even helped me in the creation of two incredible CD programs that have become a core part of our research and community service work through the Center for Spirituality and the Mind, at the University of Pennsylvania. Bravo!"
-Mark Robert Waldman

"Livetalks is a visionary presenter and passionate creator of live 
events intended to uplift, educate, explore and inspire.
Sandra has an eye for detail, an ear for truth, and a heart as wide as 
her smile. Working with Livetalks is a complete honour and
delight. They are efficient, organized, open, compassionate, intuitive 
and bring a wealth of promotion skills and networking connections. Livetalks is a magnet for the highest good, and their
dedication and devotion to bringing the highest and the most inspiring
messages, music, speakers and teachers is guaranteed to give Livetalks 
the wings to fly high!!"
-Pam Gerrand
Singer/Songwriter/Sound Healer/Speaker

"The livetalks team has amazing energy, enthusiasm, talent, and heart. They are a joy to work with. We had an amazing event." 
-Judith Orloff MD
Author, Emotional Freedom